Advantages of Recycled Polyester Yarn

Advantages of Recycled Polyester Yarn

Each year, 121 million tonnes of PET bottle waste is generated, and 75% of it is not recycled but thrown away. This plastic pollution poses a significant threat to our marine life, plants and wildlife, disturbing the natural balance of our environment. With the advancement of technology, converting plastic bottles into polyester yarn is possible. The yarn manufacturers are rapidly working towards developing 100% recycled polyester yarn from PET bottles and contributing towards environment conservation. They use a mechanical recycling method to convert PET bottles into recycled polyester yarn. Besides sustainability, recycled polyester yarn offers several advantages.


Advantages of Recycled Polyester Yarn

The demand for recycled polyester yarn is gaining momentum, mainly due to its advantages. These advantages include:

Lower Carbon Footprint
One of the key advantages of recycled polyester yarn is its low carbon footprint. Recycling PET bottles to produce polyester yarn results in fewer greenhouse gases. This helps combat climate change and minimise the environmental footprint associated with polyester manufacturing.

Tensile Strength
It is one of the most important benefits of recycled polyester yarn. The yarn retains good strength and tensile properties, which are important for durability. It has sufficient strength to withstand tension and stress without breaking.

Recycled polyester yarn is known for its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including floor covering, industrial yarns, and textile manufacturing.

Colour Fastness
Recycled polyester yarn exhibits strong resistance to fading, bleeding or transferring the colour to other materials. It retains its original colour and aesthetic appearance despite prolonged exposure to all environmental conditions.

Resistance to Mechanical Abrasion and Chemicals
Recycled polyester yarn is known to have strong resistance to mechanical abrasion and chemicals. This is crucial to prevent wear and tear, contributing to the longevity of the yarn.

Compatibility with Manufacturing Processes
Recycled polyester yarn is compatible with various textile manufacturing processes, including spinning, weaving, knitting, and dyeing. It can be processed using conventional machinery and techniques without requiring significant modifications or adjustments.

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Polycycle ™
India’s leading yarn manufacturer yarn, AYM Syntex, has developed 100% recycled polyester yarn – Polycycle ™ through its unique recycling process and proprietary technology that is eco-conscious and futuristic. It is a carcinogenic chemical-free product. The benefits of Polycycle ™ include excellent colour fastness, durability, UV and stain resistance. The manufacturers prefer Polycycle ™ because no additional anti-static treatment is required. It is widely used in manufacturing bath mats, area rugs, wall-to-wall carpets, contract floor tiles, residential carpets, automotive, and carpets.
The above-mentioned advantages will help you understand the qualities and significance of recycled polyester yarn. These benefits will also help you identify suitable applications for recycled polyester yarn. To know more about recycled polyester yarns, visit AYM Syntex.