Embrace – A Nylon 6 Textured Yarn

Embrace is a continuous textured twisted thread made of 100% Nylon.

Nylon yarns are well known for their tensile strength, versatility, high elasticity compared to other materials. AYM Syntex Limited is proud to introduce another innovative Nylon 6 textured twisted thread called Embrace. (100% Nylon 6- Textured/ 160-200-300)

Embrace is a continuous textured twisted thread made of 100% Nylon. Its textured filaments make the thread ultra-soft to touch. Ideal for over lock & cover seams as looper threads, Embrace is the best option for soft and gentle seams that come in contact with the skin.  Achievement of soft, smooth and flat seam is is a primary goal for developing active wear and household textile. The correct choice for sewing threads has an important bearing on this. Keeping all the above criteria in mind we have developed yet another revolutionary yarn – Embrace!

Embrace is ideal for:

  • Swim Wear
  • Leisure Wear
  • Knit Wear
  • Baby Wear
  • Household textile

Salient features of Embrace are:

  • Ultra Soft
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Good Seam cover
  • High Extensibility & seam strength
  • Strong resistance to color fastness
  • No distortion after washing

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