How to Select the Right Polyester Industrial Yarn for Your Application

How To Select The Right Polyester Industrial Yarn For Your Application

Polyester industrial yarn is a synthetic fibre with various industrial applications, including conveyor belts, geotextiles, canvas fabric, and more. It is known for its unique properties, strength, durability, resistance to chemicals, moisture, and UV rays, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The polyester industrial yarn has multiple uses and applications. This makes it popular in the textile, automotive, construction and packaging industries.

There are different types of industrial polyester yarns, such as high tenacity yarn, air textured yarn, twisted yarn, high oriented yarn and partially oriented yarn, to name a few. Choosing the right one that fits your application best is crucial.

How to Select the Right Polyester Yarn?

We have prepared a guideline with certain distinguishing factors that will help you select the right industrial polyester yarn for your application. You must consider these factors for the best outcomes.

Strength Requirements
Polyester Industrial yarns are available in various strengths and durability levels. Therefore, it is essential to determine the strength requirement of your application before selecting the right yarn. High tenacity or twisted polyester yarn is ideal for applications that require high strength and durability. These yarns have high resistance to wear and tear and are suitable for sewing threads, safety belts and ropes. On the other hand, if the application requires a soft and comfortable feel, then textured polyester yarns would be applicable. These yarns are best suited for making clothing, bedding and upholstery.

Environmental Conditions
Environmental conditions play an important role in determining the performance of a polyester industrial yarn. If the application needs to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture or abrasion, then highly oriented yarn must be considered. Highly oriented yarns are produced by stretching the polyester fibre to orient them in the same direction, resulting in higher strength and durability. In case of continuous exposure to hazardous chemicals, high tenacity yarn must be selected. If the application involves creating fabrics for the summer season, then air textured yarn can be chosen.

Colour Requirements
Polyester industrial yarns are available in a wide range of colours, making it easy to select the right colour for your product. It is essential to consider the colour requirements of the product while selecting polyester industrial yarn. You can choose from the range of vibrant and pastel shades or opt for a specific colour to match your application requirements.

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Application Type
Considering the type of application is paramount while selecting the right polyester industrial yarn. For example, if the application is a sewing thread, then twisted polyester yarn or high tenacity polyester industrial threads must be selected as they provide high strength and durability. If the application is an upholstery, then air textured polyester yarn should be chosen. These yarns have a unique structure that creates a soft and comfortable feel.

By taking into account the above-mentioned factors, you can select the right polyester industrial yarn for your application for optimum results. You can visit AYM Syntex, the leading manufacturer of high-quality polyester industrial yarn, to learn more about our wide range of POY, HOY, textured, twisted and dyed yarns. With state-of-art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control, we provide yarns and fabrics that meet the required specifications.