Types & Aesthetic Properties of Sewing Thread Yarn – Detailed Guide

Types & Aesthetic Properties of Sewing Thread Yarn

Everyone owns a sewing kit at home. Throughout history, sewing has been an essential skill for people. Stitching has been a fundamental ability since ancient times, enabling humans to create and repair valuable garments and textiles. In addition to being useful, sewing has always allowed individuals to express their cultural and personal identities and demonstrates their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Sewing threads are used from homemakers to cloth and clothing manufacturers. 

At AYM Syntex, we offer high-quality sewing thread yarns in different shapes and sizes that also possess remarkable qualities. Sewing thread yarn comes in a variety of forms and has distinct aesthetic aspects. The textures, colours, and sheens of common materials like cotton, polyester, and nylon vary. Let’s learn the different types of sewing thread yarns that we provide.

Understanding Types of Sewing Thread Yarns and Their Aesthetic Properties

For industrial use, AYM Syntex provides premium low denier, high-tenacity filament yarns. Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees accuracy and our customisable solutions accommodate a wide range of applications, guaranteeing consistently outstanding performance.

100% Polyester Tex

With its soft texture and consistent crimp, AYM Syntex’s 100% textured polyester is a great choice for seams in a variety of industrial applications. It guarantees superior softness and seam coverage, with outstanding rub and wash fastness. Furthermore, it exhibits exceptional hypochlorite and dry cleaning fastness. Another noteworthy characteristic of this fabric that makes it special is its minimal shrinkage and the absence of distortion after washing.

Because of this characteristic, it works especially well for overlock/flatlock applications in knitwear, denim and serging seams. Reliability and durability of fit are ensured by low shrinkage, which keeps textiles true to size even after washing. Additionally, the textiles’ outstanding resistance to colour fading ensures vivid and durable colours, maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time. The 100% textured polyester yarn is also tested and validated by the SGS and is available in a grey-170mm ppt spool soft package which is ready to dye and also dyed packages of 1kg/spool. 

AYM Syntex is proud of its Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certification, which indicates its dedication to quality and safety. With this certification, you can be sure that the textile goods satisfy the strictest standards for human-ecological safety, even for the most delicate skin types. These threads are also used in swimwear, leisure wear, knitwear, babywear and household textiles. 

This is the most widely sewing yarns used for a wide range of purposes. As a top supplier, AYM Syntex blends creativity and excellence to present a wide selection of threads, each expertly made to satisfy the particular requirements of various sewing projects. For individuals who want their products to have both practicality and visual appeal, AYM Syntex is a reliable alternative because of their unwavering dedication to quality and ability to produce sewing thread yarns that are aesthetically pleasing and highly performative. AYM Syntex manufactures the special 100% Polyester, textured twisted yarns for making density threads.