What are the 3 major yarn

The yarn industry is consistently growing and expanding its business across borders. In 2019, the production of yarn in India was up to five billion kilograms. With advancing technology, the production, quality and type of yarn are also changing. Yarn manufacturers are coming up with a variety of designs and colourful yarns. One such leading…

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Differences between Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) vs Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

The yarn industry is growing rapidly due to the invention and installment of high-end technologies. The most famous and common yarn, Polyester, is bringing highly durable, wallet-friendly, and weather-resistant materials. Considering the countless benefits of polyester, it is always in demand. There are two types of polyesters: Partially Oriented Yarn and Fully Drawn Yarn, both…

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Superite is manufactured using superior European technology at AYM Syntex Limited

Superite – Right First time

Loft Filament Polyester Threads The higher the quality of thread, the less special handling will be required. Each type of thread has specific characteristics and will behave differently while sewing.  Superite is manufactured using superior European technology that coverts filament yarns into multi-purpose sewing threads and eliminated the need for spinning and twisting processes. This enables AYM supersite to…

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Spinovate.” Spinovate is a Bicomponenttextile yarn manufactured by AYM Syntex Limited

“Spinovate” New blends for new trends

When innovation meets excellence with over  1500+ highly skilled professionals using knowledge, engineering solutions and  technology available in the textile yarn manufacturing industry  to the fullest, AYM Syntex Limited is proud to manufacture another innovative product of excellence –“ Spinovate.” Spinovate is a Bicomponenttextile  yarn manufactured using specialized extrusion technology, where each filament comprises of two different polymers….

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