A Comprehensive Manual For Understanding Core Spun Yarns

A Comprehensive Manual for Understanding Core Spun Yarns – Its Applications and Characteristics

Core spun yarns are manufactured using industrial polyester yarn. The central core typically consists of continuous polyester filaments, while the outer wrapping comprises staple fibres such as cotton or polyester. The core yarn provides strength and stability to the fabric, while the outer fibres contribute to its appearance and structure. Core spun yarns are used…

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Everything You Should Know About The Carpet Made Out Of Bio-Based Yarn

Everything You Should Know About the Carpet Made Out of Bio-Based Yarn

Environmentally conscious homeowners are opting for eco-friendly floor coverings to add comfort and warmth to their home decor. This has resulted in the demand for sustainable materials and manufacturing processes for floor coverings. Developing floor coverings from bio-based yarn is an important innovation to step up sustainability efforts in the textile industry. A bio-based yarn…

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Different Types Of Sustainable Yarns And Their Benefits – A Complete Guide

Different Types of Sustainable Yarns and Their Benefits – A Complete Guide

Accumulation of non-biodegradable substances, such as plastic waste, is one of the major causes of global warming. Recycling plastic waste and converting it into sustainable products is the need of the hour. The textile industry is rapidly increasing its efforts to recycle plastic waste and convert it into sustainable yarns. Such sustainable yarns and fabrics…

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How To Choose The Right Recycled Polyester Yarn For Your Project

How to Choose the Right Recycled Polyester Yarn for Your Project

Approximately 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every year after serving their purpose. Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable and leave heavy carbon footprints contributing to global warming. With the advent of technology, making 100% recycled polyester yarn from plastic waste is becoming a reality. The awareness of recycled polyester yarn has led to a…

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How To Select The Right Polyester Industrial Yarn For Your Application

How to Select the Right Polyester Industrial Yarn for Your Application

Polyester industrial yarn is a synthetic fibre with various industrial applications, including conveyor belts, geotextiles, canvas fabric, and more. It is known for its unique properties, strength, durability, resistance to chemicals, moisture, and UV rays, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The polyester industrial yarn has multiple uses and applications. This makes it popular in…

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Types of Industrial Sewing Thread

From Factory to Fashion: How Industrial Sewing Thread is Used in Garment Production

Industrial sewing thread plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of any sewn product, forming the foundation of the entire process. The thread’s quality, strength and durability are essential factors that contribute to the end product’s overall performance. Choosing the right industrial sewing thread is critical to ensuring that the garment is made to the…

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Role of Yarn Selection in Fashion Industry

The Role of Yarn Selection in Promoting Sustainable Fashion Practices

Encouraging sustainability in the yarn sector is crucial for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is that yarn production can significantly impact the environment, especially with the manufacturing procedures involved. Using chemicals and water in dyeing and finishing yarn can lead to water pollution and other environmental issues. Moreover, the textile industry has a…

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Innovations in Polyester Yarn Industry

The Future of Polyester Yarn: Trends and Innovations in the Industry

The textile industry is under increasing pressure to discover sustainable replacements for conventional materials as the world grows more ecologically aware. In order to build a more sustainable future, the polyester yarn sector is continually looking for new trends and developments. Apart from the sustainable factors, new trends and innovations are also underway in the…

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Need for High Tenacity Yarns

Future of High Tenacity Yarns and Potential New Applications

High-tenacity yarns have a bright future, as they have a wide range of applications in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence and industrial textiles. Synthetic fibres with high strength and durability, such as polyester, nylon and aramid, are frequently used to create high-tenacity yarns. According to research, the India High Tenacity Low Elongation Polyester…

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