What Secrets are Behind Textile Yarns’ Craft Revolution?

In the past, natural yarns derived from resources like cotton, wool, and silk were widely used in the textile industry. However, these natural yarns were not consistently dependable for crafting long-lasting products for a number of reasons such as shrinking, felting as well as susceptibility to moth harm. 

Over time, synthetic fibres and other modern yarns began to gain commercial traction when production and consumption both experienced significant increases. These fibres, with strong resilience, durability, and water and stain resistance, include nylon, polyester, rayon, and spandex. They can be manufactured quickly in sufficient quantities with particular intrinsic qualities, leading to the development of yarns that are more versatile and durable. 

To enhance and broaden the yarn production process, the incorporation of blends comprising both synthetic and natural fibres, like cotton-polyester and wool-acrylic mixes, was implemented. This transformation ultimately expanded the range of materials available for various applications in the textile industry. 

The use of technology to enhance goods and services is being pioneered by the textile industry. AYM Syntex is a prominent yarn manufacturer in India, specialising in the production of multipolymer yarn. They offer a wide variety of synthetic yarns, recycled polyester and other specialised varieties. Let’s discuss some of these yarns in detail.

    1. Polycycle™ BCF Yarns

With a certification from GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Polycycle™, a recycled polyester yarn from AYM Syntex, is an eco-conscious, future-oriented proprietary technology, crafted specially to eliminate toxic and harmful chemicals throughout the textile production process. These yarns are created by processing recycled PET bottles into fibres, which are subsequently spun into yarn. 

Polycycle™ yarns are carcinogenic chemical-free and are also stain and bleach-resistant. Consumers highly appreciate these yarns because of their exceptional fade and UV resistance qualities. It also comes with an In-house Masterbatch Facility which ensures quick turnaround time for colours. These yarns can be used in a variety of industries, such as the fashion, home textile, and automotive industries.

    2. Comfeel™ Yarns

Comfeel™ is a synthetic textured yarn manufactured by AYM Syntex, most suitable for contract carpets that combine high performance with softness. These yarns are designed with three things in mind – wearer’s comfort, material durability, and stretch recovery. 

Comfeel™’s resilient yarns enhance carpet coverage and longevity. These superior yarns have outstanding colour fastness and come in your choice of lustres which makes them perfect for both residential and commercial uses. The most impressive thing about these yarns is that they are shock-resistant and are a great value proposition in comparison to Nylon. Comfeel™ is suitable for a number of applications such as automotive coverings, bath mats, wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs.

    3. Assura™ Yarns 

Assura™ is a flame-resistant yarn provided by AYM Syntex, that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. A modified polymer with a flame-resistant substance safely incorporated into its molecular structure is what is used to create these yarns. These yarns are great for household textiles and made-ups since they have a natural, lifetime quality. Furthermore, Assura™ yarns come in different variants within the collection namely – DTY with a denier range of 50-1200, ATY with a denier range of 170-1200, FDY with a denier range of 75-300, and lastly Twisted yarns with a denier range of 75-300 (80-600 TPM). 

These yarns have certifications for M1 NFP 92, 503, 504, 505, and 507, which indicate a low rate of heat release and strong fire resistance. Additionally, they are certified by British Standard BS 5867: 2008 (part 2), which evaluates the flammability of materials used in window blinds, drapes, and curtains.

    4. Silque™ Dyed Yarns

The innovative textile yarn Silque™, made only by AYM Syntex Limited, has a brilliant shine and a smooth texture. The finished item made using these yarns has a vivid colour that distinguishes it from other textiles in the current market. It’s incredibly unique qualities add value to the finished product and give it a silky, appealing lustre. 

Silque™ can be dyed effortlessly at low temperatures, resulting in vibrant shades. This characteristic gives manufacturers the ability to optimise their workflows and gives them the freedom to use Silque™ in place of viscose in a variety of applications. These yarns could be an ideal choice for customised embroidery, sarees and apparel. 

For more than thirty years, AYM Syntex, a pioneer in synthetic and modern yarns, has shaped the textile sector. The company, which has over 55 countries under its name, is well-known for its innovations in the automobile, home textile, and fashion industries. Its cutting-edge facilities and assortment of synthetic yarns, including Silque and Polycycle, demonstrate its dedication to sustainability. In the textile business, AYM Syntex is a top option that has greatly advanced the development of synthetic yarns.