Use of BCF Yarn in Modern Day Application

Modern Day Application Use of BCF Yarn

The global textile yarn industry is expected to reach USD 16.0 billion in 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 4.0% between 2020 and 2026. This shows that yarn production is expected to increase and produce more quality and durable yarns. The yarn industry is increasingly using new products with more variety in terms of colours, textures and patterns, which significantly improves the quality of the product. Bulk continuous filament yarn is highly popular in the soft flooring industry, with uses in residential, commercial and automotive sectors, solely because of its exceptional features. Check out the uses of BCF yarn in modern-day applications.       

Residential wall-to-wall carpets 

BCF yarns are trendy in residential spaces, for this type of yarn has an aesthetic appeal and impressive features, including colour fastness, shock resistance, ultra-softness, and stain, bleach and UV resistance. This is why carpet producers prefer to use BCF yarn as it manages to produce top-quality products, which are highly beneficial for the business. BCF can also be offered in a dyed version that can be used to make wall-to-wall carpets, mats and area rugs, which makes your house look attractive and guest-ready at all times.    

Hospitality carpets 

Commercial or hospitality spaces prefer wall-to-wall or decorative carpets as they help in controlling noise and keeping warmth in commercial spaces. It also helps in elevating the look of the space when it comes to the design. This encourages yarn producers to manufacture more office-friendly flooring products using BCF yarn. The yarn manufacturing process includes advanced technologies and concentrated procedures, making it stronger and resistant to damaging elements. 

Outdoors carpets 

Yarn producers are manufacturing yarn that can fit in outdoor spaces. There is a risk of keeping yarn outside since it is directly exposed to dust, sun, water, footfall and other weather conditions, but BCF yarn is capable of withstanding all of these factors. Yarn created from BCF is reliable, durable and attractive. Whether it is used in commercial outdoor spaces like hotel lobby entrances or balconies or residential spaces like patios or garden areas, it will perform excellently regardless of challenges. Moreover, BCF offers many dyed yarns, so you can provide shade variety to consumers.

Handmade carpets 

Some consumers prefer a simple, aesthetic and homely look, so handmade carpets become the ideal option. Handmade carpets have a unique look that cannot be achieved in machine-made carpets. BCF yarns are mostly used for handmade carpets in combination with natural yarns. In some designs, you will find 100% soft silk-like dyed BCF yarns like Silkenza, or Ecose offered by AYM Syntex, for which the yarn manufacturing process is slightly different. While it may use the same procedures, the materials and chemicals may change to give the carpet a more silk-like appearance. 

AYM Syntex is the leading producer of BCF yarn and is also an established brand in the textile yarn industry. We use top-notch technologies during the yarn manufacturing process, which makes our yarn unmatchable in the market. Connect with us and produce quality products.   

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