What Type of Yarn Is the Softest?

Soft Yarn

From the comforts on your body to the comforts in your house—everything depends on your yarn manufacturers and the types of yarns they use. The yarn significantly impacts the experience of the end-user. Plus, when it comes to a soft yarn, you need to ensure that users experience unmatched softness, comfort and durability. Soft yarn uplifts the look and feel of the product, attracting more consumers to your brand. Explore the softest types of BCF yarns: 


Greenova is an excellent choice for residential spaces, for it is manufactured using Dupont’s proprietary technology. Moreover, it is partially bio-based, meaning plant-based materials are used while making this yarn. The carpets, especially plush carpets, are made out of this yarn, which imparts comfort, warmth and softness to the consumers. Here are more of its impressive features: 

  • It is soft and has a supple texture 
  • It is resistant to bleach and fade 
  • It is durable
  • It is ecofriendly

This yarn tops the list of soft yarns and imparts an impressive experience to the consumer.


Sorenyl is the ideal choice for automotive, residential and commercial requirements, for it can be tufted and weaved in wall-to-wall carpet and is flexible enough to use in every space. It is manufactured using the best technology, making it a super soft yarn which is mainly used in high-traffic residential areas. The carpet, rugs, automotive carpets and carpet tiles made out of this yarn elevate the appearance of the space as it is available in solution dyed and conventional dyed versions which gives more colour options to consumer. Here are its finest features: 

  • It is available in ultra-soft as well as Coarse Deniers 
  • It has high resilience 
  • It can handle high-traffic areas
  • It makes the space look luxurious
  • Available in stain-resistant version 

This BCF yarn will make the space look richer, elegant and elite, making it the first choice for your consumer.  


Wonderfeel is ideal for decorative rugs and bath mats, for it is manufactured with micro dpf. The rugs and mats manufactured out of this super soft yarn feel comfortable and look luxurious in every space. Moreover, this yarn is ideal for residential living spaces because of its softness, making it the best investment in rugs and mats. Check out its features here: 

  • It has excellent drying properties
  • It has an unmatched softness
  • It resists stain and bleaching 
  • It is easy to maintain

This soft yarn performs commendably, making it a perfect choice for your consumer.  


Ecose is the best choice for manufacturing wall-to-wall and handmade carpets. This yarn is a replica of Viscose and Tencel yarns, which face issues of staining and shedding. These deficiencies of Viscose and Tencel are eliminated with Ecose yarn. It can be used to manufacture decorative rugs that impart a warm feel and luxurious look. This type of yarn can be beneficial to consumers, for it is durable and performs excellently—and here are more of its outstanding features:

  • It is ultra-soft
  • It is stain resistant 
  • It elevates the space’s appearance     
  • It eliminates carpet shedding 

This yarn will impart an unmatched experience to the consumer. 

The type of yarn determines the product’s softness, durability and performance. AYM Syntex is the biggest yarn manufacturer, producing top-quality BCF yarns used to manufacture products of different industries, for our yarns cater to specific requirements. So, connect with us now for the best outcome for your product. 

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