Why Choose Assura Yarns? The Ultimate Comfort Secrets

A fabric’s quality lies in the power of the yarns it’s woven with. The choice of yarns influences various aspects, including texture, robustness, durability, and not solely its visual appeal. The yarn makers and the types of yarns they select ultimately determine what you wear and how comfortable your house is. The yarns selection has a big impact on the end user’s experience and it must ensure that its users experience unmatched softness, comfort, and durability to qualify as soft. 

Comfort and safety are two of the most important factors that AYM Syntex considers while providing premium yarns. They take care of the little things when making their yarns. They effortlessly weave safety measures into the whole production process, showing that their products not only make you feel good but also prioritise your well-being. The Assura™ yarns are one such example.

Why Choose Assura Yarns?

Assura™ yarns from AYM Syntex have a unique combination of properties that makes them apt for numerous domestic as well as industrial applications. These properties include:


Assura™ is a lifetime fire shield created with great care. Assura™ yarns offer a wide range of textile requirements due to their adaptability. A modified polymer with a flame-resistant substance firmly incorporated in its molecular structure is used to create these yarns. The inherent flame-resistant nature of Assura™ yarns means that no additional treatments are required to improve fire safety. Since these yarns are naturally flame-resistant, they make an ideal selection for made-ups and home appliances. 

Ecocentric Nature

AYM Syntex’s Assura™ yarns earned recognition as environmentally friendly, thanks to their utilization of recycled yarns certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard). These eco-conscious yarns find application in various sectors, including general textiles and automotive uses. Assura™ demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly textile manufacture by emphasising the use of recycled resources and implementing sustainable production processes. 

Outstanding Endurance

Another remarkable quality that these yarns possess, is their outstanding durability and ability to retain their appearance over time. Assura™ yarns are manufactured with an emphasis on endurance, so even after prolonged use, the textiles made from them will retain their original appearance and texture. Assura™ yarns excel in maintaining vibrant colours and intricate textures over time, making them a reliable choice for those seeking enduring and visually appealing textile solutions.

Industrial-Grade Specifications

These yarns are perfect for a variety of industrial textile applications because of their outstanding dimensional stability, high resilience, and wear resistance. The addition of 100% recycled PET to certain yarns not only enhances their appropriateness for industrial use but also demonstrates AYM Syntex’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions for various industrial needs.

Furthermore, Assura™ yarns come in different variants within the collection namely – DTY with a denier range of 50-1200, ATY with a denier range of 170-1200, FDY with a denier range of 75-300, and lastly Twisted yarns with a denier range of 75-300 (80-600 TPM). 

These yarns also come with an M1 NFP 92, 503, 504, 505, and 507 certification, which indicates that the textile material is highly resistant to fire and has a low heat release rate. It is also certified with BS 5867: 2008(part 2), a British standard for testing the flammability of fabrics used in curtains, drapes, and window blinds. 

Assura™ yarns are the preferred choice for guaranteeing comfort and safety. These yarns are a reliable option for many applications because of their inherent flame-resistant qualities, which provide an additional layer of security. Knowing that your well-being comes first is like covering yourself in a comforting blanket. You may have the comfort you want and the assurance that comes from selecting yarns that genuinely care about your safety.