Different Types of Sustainable Yarns and Their Benefits – A Complete Guide

Different Types Of Sustainable Yarns And Their Benefits – A Complete Guide

Accumulation of non-biodegradable substances, such as plastic waste, is one of the major causes of global warming. Recycling plastic waste and converting it into sustainable products is the need of the hour. The textile industry is rapidly increasing its efforts to recycle plastic waste and convert it into sustainable yarns. Such sustainable yarns and fabrics are often manufactured using renewable energy sources and have zero carbon footprint. Sustainable yarn is an essential aspect of sustainable fashion and can be used to create various eco-friendly clothing and textile products.

Types Of Sustainable Yarns

You must consider these different types of sustainable yarns to select the right one for your application.

Bulk Continuous Filament Yarn
Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) is manufactured by recycling PET bottles and using energy-efficient processes. They are highly preferred by the soft flooring industry for making carpets, rugs and bath mats. BCF yarn can be dyed in a range of colours and textures, making it ideal for creating various styles and designs. AYM Syntex manufactures BCF yarn for several applications with advanced manufacturing technology and machinery with strict quality control measures.

Microfibre Yarn
Microfibre yarns are made of very thin fibres, typically with a diameter of less than one denier. Different types of microfibre yarns include polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. They are known for their softness, lightweight and excellent moisture-wicking capacities. AYM Syntex manufactures sustainable microfibre yarns for residential and automotive purposes. Their innovative yarn Ecose is extremely soft and eliminates carpet shedding. It is also resistant to stains and gives the overall product a natural, handmade look. Another AYM Syntex innovation, Wonderfeel, is ideal for bathroom mats and rugs.

Textile Yarns
Textile yarns, such as recycled polyester, are made using PET bottles. These sustainable yarns can be used to make fabrics, apparel, activewear, hosiery and medical textiles. They have the best light and water fastness and require shorter dyeing time. Recycled polyester yarn resists abrasion, shrinking, wrinkles and mildew. India’s leading yarn manufacturer, AYM Syntex, is pioneering the development of 100% recycled polyester yarn with these features. They also specialise in making recycled polyester solutions and packaged dyed products.

Industrial Yarn
Sustainable industrial yarns are environment-friendly and are mainly preferred to make automotive textiles, seat belts, conveyor belts, ropes, cables, cords, hoses, canvas and more. The top yarn manufacturer, AYM Syntex, offers low denier and high tenacity yarn for various industrial applications. They are known for their quality and high performance.

Benefits Of Sustainable Yarns

Sustainable yarns made from recycled PET bottles offer several benefits for individuals and the environment. They include:

Since sustainable yarns use renewable energy sources and recycled materials while manufacturing, they are a perfect eco-friendly solution.

Sustainable yarns are resistant to wear and tear. They are useful for making durable and long-lasting products.

Resists Wrinkling
Products made from sustainable yarns will have a fresh and new look for a more extended period without ironing and maintenance.

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Multiple uses
Sustainable yarns have multiple applications. They can be used for knitting, weaving and blending with other materials to create a wide range of products, from apparel to upholstery and carpets.

The above-mentioned guide for different types of sustainable yarns and their benefits will help you make the right decision while purchasing the yarn for your application. To learn more about sustainable yarns, you should visit AYM Syntex. We are leading producers and exporters of high-quality, sustainable yarns.