Everything You Should Know About the Carpet Made Out of Bio-Based Yarn

Everything You Should Know About The Carpet Made Out Of Bio-Based Yarn

Environmentally conscious homeowners are opting for eco-friendly floor coverings to add comfort and warmth to their home decor. This has resulted in the demand for sustainable materials and manufacturing processes for floor coverings. Developing floor coverings from bio-based yarn is an important innovation to step up sustainability efforts in the textile industry. A bio-based yarn is made from renewable resources, such as plants, animals or micro-organisms. It is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional synthetic yarns and fibres. Moreover, the bio-based variant of BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) yarn is rapidly becoming a sustainable choice in the floor covering industry.

What you should know for Floor Covering Made Out of Bio-Based Yarn

Bio-based BCF yarn process involves spinning, where raw materials are molten and extruded through a spinneret to form filaments. These filaments then undergo drawing to align the polymer chains, followed by a bulking process where the yarn is heated and pressed to increase their bulkiness and resilience. The next step involves winding the bulked continuous filaments onto spools, producing ready-to-use bio-based BCF yarn. Moreover, bio-based can be used for further cabling and heat setting processes. Following are some of the important characteristics of bio-based floor covering. 


One of the most significant benefits of bio-based BCF yarn is its eco-friendly nature. Also, the production process of bio-based BCF yarn results in lower carbon footprints, helping mitigate climate change.


Floor coverings made from bio-based BCF yarns exhibit exceptional durability due to the continuous nature of filaments. This makes them resistant to pilling, shedding and unraveling, ensuring a longer lifespan. 

Resistant to Stains and Fading
Bio-based BCF yarn is engineered with built-in stain and fade resistance properties. This feature helps floor coverings maintain their original colours and patterns, even in high-traffic areas or when exposed to harsh elements.

Natural aesthetics

Bio-based BCF yarns have a natural and organic look, providing a unique aesthetic appeal to floor coverings. They can mimic the texture and appearance of traditional fibres while offering a sustainable alternative. 

Easy to Clean
Due to the absence of loose fibres, floor coverings made from bio-based BCF yarn are stain-resistant, making them easier to clean and maintain. The homeowners can vacuum or clean them more effectively, reducing the risk of trapped dirt and allergens.

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Greenova BCF yarn

India’s leading manufacturer of BCF yarns, AYM Syntex, has developed GreenovaTM – a partially bio-based BCF yarn for manufacturing carpets. This eco-friendly carpet yarn is ideal for residential spaces. Contract carpets made with GreenovaTM yarns are durable and can withstand heavy footfall without losing freshness and colour. They are inherently stain and odour resistant, enhancing the lifespan of the carpets. The GreenovaTM BCF yarns are made with stringent quality control measures and offer unlimited design possibilities.

The above-mentioned information about floor covering made from bio-based BCF yarn will empower you with all the knowledge to make informed purchase decisions. Yarn manufacturers like AYM Syntex offer a wide range of sustainable BCF threads and yarns like Greenova to meet consumer demands and achieve sustainability goals.