Introducing Sparkle By AYM Syntex Limited

Sparkle is a lustrous bright yarn specifically developed by AYM Syntex Limited for residential carpets and rugs.

Buying a new carpet is a major expense. If you have to make a wise carpet selection you need to know the grade or the quality level of the carpet you wish to buy for your home. There are many types of yarns available for manufacturing carpets. Having a clear understanding of the threads being used for the carpet will help you to decide what type of carpet you are looking for. Sparkle is a lustrous bright yarn specifically developed by AYM Syntex Limited for residential carpets and rugs. It is a high coverage yarn specifically designed to match residential floor covering needs. Sparkle has low specific density and is light in weight.Bring some sparkle to your home with our refreshing and glamorous yarn innovation.

Reasons why consumer love Sparkle:

  1. Sparkling effect
  2. Light Weight
  3. Excellent color fastness
  4. Brilliant appearance
  5. Durability

Reasons why manufacturers prefer Sparkle:

  1. Excellent Bulk
  2. Consistent quality
  3. High efficiency in Tufting & Weaving
  4. Wide product range
  5. Low weight & High Volume
  6. In house master batch facility ensure quick turnaround time for colors</a>

Product table

Product Denier Range DPF range Filament Twist Lustre
Sparkle 1200-3100 5-20 144,186, 280, 360 70-280 Super Bright


  1. Wall to Wall carpets
  2. Rugs
  3. Area Rugs
  4. Carpet Tiles

Understanding carpet details and specifications is the only way for you to know if the carpet you are buying is able to tolerate enough footfalls whilst retaining its new appearance. Carpets made from Sparkle yarn provides these properties efficiently.

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