“Spinovate” New blends for new trends

Spinovate.” Spinovate is a Bicomponenttextile yarn manufactured by AYM Syntex Limited

When innovation meets excellence with over  1500+ highly skilled professionals using knowledge, engineering solutions and  technology available in the textile yarn manufacturing industry  to the fullest, AYM Syntex Limited is proud to manufacture another innovative product of excellence –“ Spinovate.”
Spinovate is a Bicomponenttextile  yarn manufactured using specialized extrusion technology, where each filament comprises of two different polymers. Spinovate renders a suede leather like appearance, exceptional softness, superior lustre, suede leather like appearance, peach skin feel, excellent bulk, performance and versatality. Spinovatehas various applications, namely:

  • Apparel
  • Haute Couture
  • Home Textile

9 reasons why Spinovate is the preferred textile yarn choice of the manufacturers and consumers

  1. Super soft feel.
  2. Durability & Comfort.
  3. Luxurious appearance: Suede leather or peach skin.
  4. Feather-like light weight fabrics.
  5. Easy stain removal.
  6. Fade resistance to sunlight & rubbing.
  7. Easy care.
  8. Extraordinary softness and brilliant lustre.
  9. Excellent bulkiness.

The key ingredient here at AYM Syntex Limited is the ability to adopt and the change in the existing textile manufacturing trend fast and improvise on it and that is what our 1500+ People Strength is all about.

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