Superite – Right First time

Superite is manufactured using superior European technology at AYM Syntex Limited

Loft Filament Polyester Threads

The higher the quality of thread, the less special handling will be required. Each type of thread has specific characteristics and will behave differently while sewing.  Superite is manufactured using superior European technology that coverts filament yarns into multi-purpose sewing threads and eliminated the need for spinning and twisting processes. This enables AYM supersite to exhibit excellent uniformity and regularity, resulting in freedom from imperfections. It is best suited for end use applications like denim and mattresses. Its salient features are:

  • Continuous filament Polyester based construction
  • Low twisted yarn has a natural torque
  • Specially formulated lubrication allows for stitch setting at low tension
  • Sustains medium to heavy wet and dry wash of denims
  • Certified to Okeo-Tex Standard

Superite has certain benefits:

  • Results in tough sewing thread designed to resist the rigors of medium to harsh wash down process
  • Nill to low breakage
  • No rework cost
  • Facilitates excellent sewing performance and strength in the seam
  • Ensures yarn cannot untwist even during multi-directional sewing, enhancing sewing ability on high speed denim sewing applications.

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