WONDERFEEL – Treat for Feet

Wonderfeel is an AYM Syntex’s yarn innovation for micro dope dyed yarn

There is a lot to think about while buying bath mats or rugs. Sometimes a right rug is just the thing you need to pull your space together. Wonderfeel is an AYM Syntex’s yarn innovation for micro dope dyed yarn which is an ideal choice for bath mats and decorative rugs. Developed with a low as 0.6-1 micro DPF, Wonderfeelis our trade mark product. Wonderfeel is Super Soft, Quick Dry & Stain resistant yarn. With high absorption and quick drying properties, Wonderfeel provides an ultra-soft texture to bath rugs and mats. Wonderfeel yarns have excellent color fastness, brilliance and are also resistant to stain and bleaching. Wonderfeel is the only choice when it comes to soft feel. Give your decorative rugs the ultimate touch with Wonderfeel.

Wonderfeel Salient features

  1. Excellent absorbency and quick dry
  2. Ultra soft feel
  3. Ease of maintenance
  4. Excellent Stain resistance
  5. Brilliant color with good fastness
  6. Easily Washable
  7. Available in Micro deniers
  8. Wide product range
  9. Admirable performance in tufting and weaving
  10. Excellent bulk with low weight

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