Key Characteristics of the Polyester Filament Yarn

Benefits of Polyester Filament Yarn

What is Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY)?

Polyester is a synthetic material belonging to the class of polymers. This material mainly contains Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and is produced using PTA and MEG, which are spun directly.  PFY are both monofilaments and multifilaments. Single polyester filaments are grouped together and then twisted or air-tangled to make them functional. A monofilament yarn is a single polyester fibre without any twists. Polyester yarns have a broad commercial usage that typically includes embroidery, knitting, weaving, sewing and more to produce consumer goods such as bed sheets, bedspreads, curtains, draperies, wall coverings, pillowcases and other home furnishings. The global textile industry reaps the benefits of polyester yarns, which can be seen in t-shirts, blouses, lingeries and so on.

What are the key characteristics of the PFY?

Polyester filament yarns are known for their excellent strength, making them popular in the textile industry. The prominent characteristics of Polyester filament yarns are:

  • PFY is typically made from long filament / fibres
  • They either have a very high or pretty low twist
  • PFY is known to be extremely slick and cool
  • The PFY snagging is determined by the construction of the fabric
  • PFY exhibits high lustre characteristics, making them a popular choice for the fashion industry.
  • These types of yarns are continuous and long
  • The twist depends on the stretch
  • The strands of the yarn are packed cohesively
  • PFY exhibits excellent resistance to shrinkage and stretching
  • PFY can withstand extreme weather conditions and are known to have hydrophobic properties
  • These yarns are also known for their quick drying and resistance to chemicals
  • PFY are also a preferred yarn in many industries due to its mildew, wrinkle and abrasion resistance
  • These types of yarns are very resilient and crisp when dry or wet.

A wide selection of apparel use PFY due to its lustre characteristics, whether it is a stylish gown or an elegant shirt. These types of materials are quite cost-effective, along with being lightweight. Its high tenacity and durability allow them to withstand repetitive and strong moments. Apparel made out of such materials is also known to uphold against harsh weather conditions, which is why jackets, quilted garments and other outer protective materials are made out of PFY. This material also possesses hydrophobic properties that protect the wearer against wet and damp environmental conditions. In addition, when such fabrics are applied with coating, the protection is much more intensified. These yarns can be designed to exhibit certain insulating properties and retain heat. By creating hollow fibres inside the material, jackets or other clothing trap the air inside the fibre and is further heated by the body. This method assists in withstanding cold temperatures.

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