Twisted Yarns – Importance & Benefits

Mock Twist Yarns or Double Yarns


What are twisted yarns?

Twisted yarns, also known as mock twist yarns or double yarns, are multiple strands twisted together from their axis to form a single thread. These threads have greater strength that depends upon the number of twists applied to the yarn. Typically, the more twists, the stronger the threads become. Moreover, the number of twists determines the appearance of the threads.

You get a single yarn when fibres and filaments are twisted together in a single direction. Whereas ply yarns are made by twisting multiple single yarns together. Twisted yarns have good tensile strength and are used to create summer clothes that are more breathable and lighter. Fabrics made out of twisted yarns are also wrinkle-free and have a good drape.

What are the types of yarn twists?

The direction of the twists can be classified into two orientations. These orientations are customisable according to the customer’s requirements. Factors such as the fineness of the fibres, count of the yarns, quality and softness play a role in determining the twisting of yarns.

S-Twist Yarn

During the S-twist, the yarn is placed vertical and twisted in an anticlockwise direction. The individual filaments, when twisted, create a diagonal shape of ‘S’ individual filaments are twisted in an anticlockwise direction to represent the letter S.

Z- Twist Yarn

During the Z-twist, a vertically placed yarn will have its filaments twisted in the diagonal of Z. This twist is in a clockwise direction and represents the letter ‘Z’.

To identify the type of twist, you need to look at the middle of a vertically placed yarn. If the shape of the twist indicates an anticlockwise direction, then it is an ‘S’, and the opposite can be said for the Z-twisted yarns. For tights and knitted fabrics, manufacturers are inclined to use S-twist yarns more than Z-twist.

What are the benefits of twisted yarns?

Twisted yarns are multifaceted and have been in use for a long time. Traditionally used in making clothes and tying fishing knots, these yarns are high in affordability and durability. Due to these qualities, twisted yarns are an excellent choice to introduce longevity to fabrics. Furthermore, these twists provide superior strength and integrity to the yarns, in turn, helping the fabric retain its integrity. Such materials rarely stretch out of the body and can be rewashed repeatedly while maintaining their original texture. As twisted yarns come in different textures, colours and shapes to enhance the appearance of the fabrics, leading them to be utilised in producing high-quality materials in the fashion industry.

The applications of twisted yarns are widespread and can be found in numerous industries. AYM Syntex provides these industries with exceptional yarns made of high quality, exhibiting longevity. We are leading synthetic yarn producers that create such durable yarns for a multitude of manufacturing purposes. Reach out to us for more information.

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