What are the 3 major yarn

High Quality Yarns

The yarn industry is consistently growing and expanding its business across borders. In 2019, the production of yarn in India was up to five billion kilograms. With advancing technology, the production, quality and type of yarn are also changing. Yarn manufacturers are coming up with a variety of designs and colourful yarns. One such leading company is AYM Syntex Ltd, the largest manufacturer of textile and Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) yarns. They are known for producing high-quality textured and multi-polymer yarns. 


BCF Yarns 


BCF yarns are used across all spaces, like residential, corporate, and automotive. Installing yarn is the best decision, as it elevates the appearance of your space and makes your room more comfortable. 


Some of the finest yarns for your corporate and residential sectors include synthetic yarns which add value and comfort. BCF yarns have majority use in carpet applications and carpets made using these yarns have less absorbency and dry quicker, which also can make them resistant to mildew. Among the BCF yarn manufacturers, AYM Syntex Ltd is the best BCF yarn manufacturer with unmatchable quality consistency & sustainable approach. They have different yarns for different spaces using polyester, nylon, polypropylene; they produce high-grade yarns.   


Textile yarns


Yarn manufacturers are installing high-end technologies to produce top quality yarns. Along with residential and corporate spaces, synthetic fabric is also used for producing garments. Companies focus on producing long-lasting, radiant, and exquisite designs and offer unique shades that will suit your requirement. When it comes to versatility and using next-generation technology, AYM Syntex comes forward. Their textile yarn includes recycled polyester, Nylon, mono yarn, highly oriented yarn, Dope dyed, Technical Textile product and many more. They produce for all the fields and at the same time, prioritize environmental safety. 


Packaged dyed yarn 


The yarns are dyed to create a unique combination of colours and give a new look to the house, garments, etc. The dyeing of yarn provides a range of shades to choose from, and generally, the garment industry tries to combine demanding colours to create attractive garments. Dyeing makes sure that the company lives up to people’s expectations. The changing trends and choices are challenging the dyeing company to upgrade and advance. The company that has lived up to the challenge is AYM Syntex; they provide dyeing for all kinds of industries, like home textiles, hosiery, apparel, automotive, and upholstery. 




If you are looking for the highest quality yarns, made by using top-notch technology, then AYM Syntex is an excellent choice. They produce exceptional yarns and offer a wide range of choices.  


Also, their business is spread across boundaries, as their quality is unmatchable. 


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