What are the Different Properties of Yarn?

Different Properties Of Yarn?

Yarns are continuous lengths of fibres that are intertwined for the production of textiles, ranging from fashion and apparel to home textiles, automotive textiles, and medical textiles, to name a few. Consumers of these products have three demands in their final product – touch, feel and experience. These demands highly depend on the quality of yarn, which relies on its manufacturing process. Yarn is manufactured by assembling numerous continuous lengths of thin fibres or filaments interlocked together to form a cohesive whole. There are two primary types of yarn – spun yarn, which is made from the process of spinning and enables the fibres to adhere together; and filament yarn, which is made from continuous filament fibres that can either have monofilaments or multifilaments.

Over time, yarn manufacturers have started using leading technologies and modern methods to strengthen yarn properties and make exceptional fabrics. Synthetic filament yarn, produced by AYM Syntex, prefers next-generation technologies to accentuate yarn properties and upgrade yarn qualities and standards. The fabrics woven from such yarns make them durable, reliable and desirable. They help brands enhance their products’ quality and performance. Here are the different properties of filament yarn:

Excellent performance

One of the yarn properties that stands out is the experience it imparts. The fabrics made from such yarns are excellent for hosiery, apparel, activewear, rugs, carpets and others. Yarns like Comfeel, Polywonder, Ecose, Greenova and others impart unparalleled comfort to users. Additionally, these synthetic yarns are manufactured using top technologies, which enables yarn manufacturers to give them a natural yarn-like look. The yarn properties are so robust that the softness and comfort never diminish despite their extensive use.

High bulk and light weight

The reason why yarn manufacturers prefer synthetic yarn is due to its high bulk and light weight. Yarn properties like high bulk create air spaces in the yarn, ensuring continuous ventilation and better absorbency capability. Be it dust, water, sweat or oil, the yarns quickly absorb them. Yarns, like Polyester and Nylon yarns, are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and use. Such qualities make synthetic yarns the best in the market as they offer sheer convenience and comfort to customers.

Impeccable resistant properties

Yarn manufacturers put the yarn into intensive processes using advanced technologies to furbish yarn properties. They focus on strengthening yarn-resistant properties to enhance its durability and longevity. Yarns, like BCF yarns, are resistant to stain, bleach, UV radiation, colour fastness, etc., which makes synthetic yarns the ideal choice for fabric production. These yarn qualities make it a selling point for brands and yarn manufacturers.

High resilience and tenacity

Synthetic filament yarns (both textile and BCF) are unmatched due to their efficient weaving and tufting capabilities. They enhance yarn qualities like tenacity and core, preventing rug and carpet shedding. Additionally, yarns are so flexible and elastic that they won’t have any folds or footprints despite incessant use. Such yarn qualities weave desirable, attractive and durable products. Further, it enables yarn manufacturers to sell quality and high-calibre yarns in the market.

Flexibility and versatility

Synthetic filament yarns go through extensive manufacturing processes, increasing their weaving and tufting efficiency and further polishing yarn qualities such as strength, elasticity, resistance, etc. Such robust yarn properties enable yarn manufacturers to sell in various industries, including home, contract and automotive textiles. Moreover, filament yarn qualities make them so flexible that they can be weaved and moulded into any pattern, showing versatility and giving countless options.

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AYM produces top-quality textile and BCF yarns using high-end technologies and continually innovates them so that we can provide new and original yarns. We focus on improving yarn properties to enhance its performance, efficiency and durability. The outstanding qualities of BCF yarns have enabled us to imprint our brand globally and transform textile standards. Connect with us for further information.

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