What is the Importance of Yarn in a Fabric?

Importance of Yarn in a Fabric

When we think of fabric, textile fabrics mostly come to mind. These are essentially two-dimensional plane-like structures used in a variety of industries, mainly for the production of apparel. However, a fabric can be divided into two types – yarn-based fabric and fibre-direct fabric. Yarn fabric is made from spun or continuous filament yarns while the fibre-direct fabric, as the name suggests, comes directly from staple or continuous filament fibres. Even the manufacturing process of the two fabrics is different. Yarns are produced through an interlacing process that creates woven fabrics or by the interloping process that creates knit fabrics. Fibre-directs, on the other hand, are compacted into a 3D construction to create what is generally called non-woven fabrics.

The strength, flexibility and performance of a textile fabric, thus, depends on the type of yarn/fibre as well as the construction of the fabric. The yarn in a fabric determines its 3 Rs – Reliability, Resilience and Radiance. To instil these 3 Rs in fabric yarns, the yarn manufacturer uses synthetic yarns, which are manufactured through intensive processes like polymerization, spinning and processing. The process strengthens the fabric threads and develops robust properties like elasticity, durability, flexibility, etc. These properties become advantageous when manufacturing fabrics as they enhance the fabric’s longevity and flexibility. Thus, the combination of yarns and fabrics are crucial in determining what you are offering to your customers. Read further to know the role of yarn in fabric.

Enhances durability

Filament yarns are made of advanced chemicals and components. These chemicals and components are further polished so that fabric threads develop robust properties that can cater to different industry requirements. For example, durability is the primary concern across all industries. So, the yarn in the fabric is mechanised to withstand heavy footfall, stains, dust, bleach, sunlight, etc. Yarn manufacturers like AYM Syntex provide filament yarn that helps brands level up their products’ durability. With AYM filament yarn, you can experiment with yarns and fabrics.

Gives aesthetic appeal

The reason why yarn manufacturers prefer filament yarns is due to their impeccable flexibility and capabilities. Yarn manufacturers get to experiment with colours, textures and patterns and provide unique combinations of yarns and fabrics that impart a luxurious and aesthetic appearance to the fabric. Brands prefer such filament yarns, especially when knitting fabric because the lustrous and exceptional colours of fabric threads transform the fabric’s appearance and shine. The manufacturing process of AYM Filament yarns makes the weaving and tufting process so seamless that the colours and patterns are uniform throughout the yarn and fabric, making them an ideal choice for customers.

Offers various dye options

One of the most prominent filament yarn qualities is the ability to dye it with various colours. Additionally, the dye colour options for fabric yarns range from bright, lustrous and appealing to calm, soft and light colours. It enables brands to experiment with yarn and fabric and offer variety to their customers. Additionally, dyeing yarn in fabric polishes the fabric and never diminishes its shine and charm. Such filament yarns are the best knitting fabric as they will accentuate its texture, touch and appearance. With AYM fabric threads dyeing options, you can make an eccentric combination of yarns and fabrics to maintain their originality.

Ensures easy maintenance

Customers buy comfort and convenience, and products manufactured from filament yarn are easy to maintain and handle. Filament yarns have high resilience, elasticity and resistance properties that make yarn in fabric withstand all kinds of damage. Moreover, filament yarns are easy to wash as they are not sensitive to bleach or require specific cleaning agents. The strength and capabilities of filament yarns eliminate the need for special care and attention. It is also the best option for knitting fabric.

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