What is the Best Thread to Use for Sewing?

Best Thread to Use for Sewing

A sewing thread is the starting point in the creation of any garment. It is the raw material that serves both an aesthetic purpose by providing a specific shape to the garment as well as a functional purpose by holding the garment together. While it is not applicable for knitting or weaving, this is a special type of yarn used for sewing. Apart from garments, sewing threads are even used in the production of products for the automotive industry, such as headliners, door panels, bolsters, seat covers and inserts, or in medical textiles and home textiles, to name a few. High-quality sewing threads ensure that the products are secured at the seams.

Brands must choose the best thread for sewing their products as that thread will weave their brand image in the market. They must consider qualities such as strength, durability, flexibility, comfort and resilience while selecting the thread. Additionally, the best thread for sewing is the one that can serve a wide range of industries.

AYM Syntex offers the best threads for sewing that promises all qualities. The sewing threads made by AYM’s filament yarn are known to perform exceptionally well across all industries and give you the results you have been looking for.  Check out our different types of sewing thread yarns:


The next best thread for sewing is Comfeel. Remember, the feel and experience of your brand depend on the sewing thread yarn you choose. Comfeel is a synthetic textured yarn specially designed to keep comfort and experience in mind. Its high resiliency, extensibility, durability and stretch recovery enable it to be used extensively. Such a sewing machine thread yarn enables sewing thread manufacturers like AYM Syntex to offer quality, reliability and originality. Moreover, Comfeel is a most profitable sewing thread yarn because it can be used in denim, knitwear, narrow-width tape, leisure wear and other textile applications. With this type of thread, you promise ultra-softness, skin-friendliness and comfort to your customer.

100% polyester

Polyester is the best type of sewing thread due to its exceptional properties and performance. Sewing thread manufacturers consider polyester the best thread for sewing machines due to its wide range of applications such as knitwear, swimwear, household textiles, leisure wear, baby wear and others. The 100% polyester yarn provides supreme softness, low shrinkage, resistance to colour fastness, hypochlorite fastness and in-wash fastness. This naturally increases products’ reliability, longevity and durability. Moreover, wide-range 100% textured polyester undergoes a stringent manufacturing process to provide top-quality yarn. Products made from 100% polyester sewing thread yarn are an ideal choice for customers.

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AYM Syntex is one of the leading solutions for manufacturing sewing threads. We offer low denier high tenacity filament yarns for industrial applications that are carefully selected using advanced machinery and diligent testing procedures. We understand the specific requirements of each industry and customize our sewing thread yarns for varied applications to best suit the demands of our customers. Our industrial yarns offer high performance and make your product stand out in the market.