Everything You Should Know About Bulk Yarn

Things to know about BCF Yarn

Earlier, the carpet industry was greatly dominated by yarns made of various natural fibres like silk, wool, cotton, sisal, coir, etc. The emergence of synthetic fibres like nylon, polyester and polypropylene significantly reduced shedding, high maintenance costs and staining, which were the inherent disadvantages of natural fibres. Now, carpets are easy to maintain as they are made with synthetic fibres using ‘bulk continuous filament’ or ‘BCF’ yarn technology.

What is Bulk Continuous Filament yarn, and why is it used widely?

The name suggests that these are multiple continuous filaments extruded and held together by force with exceptional strength and good bulk for durability and better coverage in the final carpet.

Flooring segments using BCF yarns

AYM Syntex produces polyester, nylon 6, polypropylene and polyester microfibre yarns, which are ideal for carpets, rugs and mats across different industries. Depending on the areas where these carpets are used, the segments of BCF yarns are generally divided into residential, commercial and automotive carpets. The yarns used in making these carpets have different characteristics attributed to their chemical composition. Manufacturers carry out numerous rigorous test methods to make these carpets ready for final use. Let’s explore each segment in more detail. 


Low traffic areas where the footfall is comparatively less are identified as residential areas. Here, people prefer soft yet durable cut pile carpets in bedrooms, dining rooms and halls. BCF yarns made out of polyester are the ideal choice for carpets in such residential areas as they are soft, durable, easy to clean and stain-resistant. AYM’s modified polyester is better than PET in terms of appearance retention and softness than normal PET available in the market. See for yourself here. 

As well-known brands veer toward the concept of ‘circular economy, AYM Syntex is aboard the ‘sustainability’ train armed with a number of products like Polycycle and Nycycle, which are well established and accepted by the market. Carpets made out of AYM’s yarns are already classified as ‘suitable for residential use’ by independent testing and certification agencies like Centexbel Belgium, AWTA Australia, etc.


Your consumer wants their long journey to be comfortable and relaxing. AYM Systex manufactures the finest dope dyed yarns for the automotive industry. Our innovatively engineered yarns have higher resilience, good light fastness and colour fastness, ensuring durability and higher performance. The nylon and polyester overlay mats and automotive flooring made with high BCF yarns impart a cosy, secure and homely feeling to the consumer while making the vehicle lighter. Moreover, it makes the automotive space look elegant. Our in-house testing capabilities help us in introducing new and innovative yarns that are not just aesthetically appealing but also superior in performance. 


High traffic areas where the footfall is comparatively more are known as commercial areas. Here, people generally prefer durable, loop pile and printed carpets in offices, trains, airports, hospitals, buses, etc. BCF yarn made out of nylon is the ideal choice for carpets in commercial areas, being durable, soft and can be printed easily. 

AYM offers the best-in-class BCF yarns that are ideal for commercial spaces. Our yarns offer high resilience and easy maintenance along with stain-resistant and anti-shock properties.  Plus, our innovative manufacturing techniques have helped us achieve a high hexapod performance rating. Our nylon yarns are well accepted by the flooring industry, and carpets made out of AYM’s polyamide yarns are already classified as ‘Class 33’, which make them suitable for commercial use by independent testing and certification agencies like Centexbel Belgium, AWTA Australia etc.

AYM Advantage

The BCF advantage we provide with our specialty BCF and microfiber yarns include:

  • Advanced manufacturing technology and machinery
  • Advanced quality control measures
  • No shedding
  • Provision of required softness 
  • Stain-resistance 
  • Durability 
  • Options of solution dyed yarn and conventional dyed yarn
  • In-house master batch facility for new colour development
  • Focus on sustainability

AYM Syntex is the leading yarn industry producing Bulk Continuous Filament yarn and delivering it worldwide. We are successfully catering to the specific requirements of different industries. Connect with us for the best bulk yarn in the market.

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