Manufacturing Process of Sewing Threads

Step-by-Step Guide on Sewing Threads for First-Time Users

Image source: You may have the best equipment, processes, and engineering for producing sewing yarn, but even a tiny flaw in the substrate can hamper the sewing thread’s quality. Thus, your sewing thread yarn must use the highest quality substrate to maintain exceptional quality and finish. So, here’s a short guide on sewing thread…

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Recycled Polyester Spun Yarn

Things To Know About Recycled Yarns

Image source: Every year, over 480 billion plastic drinking bottles are produced. Out of these, the majority end up in landfills around the world, and only some are recycled. And since these bottles take over a thousand years to biodegrade, they can be devastating for the environment. Fortunately, modern technology is making it possible…

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Polyester Threads

Benefits of Polyester Yarn

Image source: You can buy many types of threads, but not many stand out as much as polyester threads. Polyester was invented in the mid-1900s by the British chemists, JR Whinfield and JT Dickson, and since then, it has become one of the most versatile types of thread on the market. It is regarded…

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