Things To Know About Recycled Yarns

Recycled Polyester Spun Yarn

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Every year, over 480 billion plastic drinking bottles are produced. Out of these, the majority end up in landfills around the world, and only some are recycled. And since these bottles take over a thousand years to biodegrade, they can be devastating for the environment.

Fortunately, modern technology is making it possible to recycle such plastic waste. And one of such innovative technologies—that many don’t know about—is recycled polyester yarn, like AYM Syntex’s Polycycle. Here are some fantastic facts about recycled polyester spun yarn.


1.    Recycled Polyester Yarn Production is Non-Toxic

Until recently, the polyester manufacturing chain contained various harmful and toxic chemicals, which either became part of the fabric, were released into the atmosphere, or ended up in the local water sources. That has changed now with recycled polyester as the entire process eliminates the use of harmful and toxic chemicals. Note that not all recycled polyester is made with the same process, but AYM Syntex uses a meticulous process free of harmful and toxic chemicals.

2.    Recycled Polyester Yarn Is Non-Carcinogenic

Recent studies have shown that virgin polyester has various carcinogens that can cause skin, lung, or heart cancer. As a result, prolonged use of virgin polyester is not recommended by experts. However, that’s not the case with recycled PET yarn. For instance, AYM Syntex’s recycled polyester yarns do not contain any carcinogenic substances and are completely safe for extended use.

3.    It’s Just As Good As Virgin Polyester

Many garments manufacturers think that recycled polyester yarn is not as good as virgin polyester; this is simply not true. Recycled PET yarn is as good as virgin polyester. The use of recycled raw materials, non-toxic processes, and chemicals does not mean that the produced yarn is weak or of lower quality.

AYM Syntex’s recycled polyester yarn is also just as versatile as virgin polyester. Since it is non-carcinogenic and as strong as virgin PET, you can use it for all kinds of garments, including bed linen, gloves, towels, soft toys, and much more.

4.    Recycled PET Polyester is Eco-friendly

Recycled polyester spun yarn is eco-friendly in more ways than one. Not only does a mere 2 kgs of polyester save 120 bottles from going into a landfill, but it also saves 1 gallon of gasoline and enough drinking water for an individual to last for five days!

Additionally, recycled polyester has much lower energy consumption. According to the UK’s Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP), recycled PET yarn requires 10% to 40% of the total energy used to produce virgin polyester yarns.

As the concern for the environment grows, consumers are looking for more eco-friendly alternatives for their fabric choices. This is the perfect opportunity for you to offer them that solution with AYM Syntex’s Polycycle PET spun yarn. In addition to that, AYM Polycycle is also approved as per Global recycle standards.

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