What Are Belting Fabrics & Their Uses

Belting fabrics are typically manufactured from polyester and nylon filament yarns. These belting fabrics are utilised in numerous industries, whether it is mining, automotive, healthcare or construction. Due to their superior adhesion and high tensile strength, these fabrics can be easily used in industries that require the transportation of large qualities of materials. They are…

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Overview of Coated Yarns

Yarns are coated with thermoplastic polymers or other materials to create a high-performing and versatile final product. This product can, in turn, be utilised by a wide range of industries, and its versatility is used in a variety of applications in multiple sectors. Whether it is for brilliant looks or industry operations, coated yarns provide…

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Industrial Yarn and Its Joining Methods – A Complete Guide

Industrial yarns are spun from interlocked fibres (synthesized or natural) and are used in a plethora of industries such as automobile, textile, healthcare, sports and more. Synthetic yarns typically use materials like polyester to serve various industrial applications, including converter belts, car seat belts, coated fabrics, hose pipes and so on. Industrial yarns are also…

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